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Education and New Technologies (English)


Module 1) Introduction to the use of New Technologies and Multimedia for education

- Definitions and different solutions

-  Change of teachers’ roles and new models of knowledge sharing

- Traditional and "virtual" roles of teachers and tutors

- Technologies to support for traditional teaching

- Potentials of blended learning approches

Practical Activities on Image Processing including analysis and use of relevant software


Module 2) Identification of innovative teaching sources

- Identifying educational goals

- Personal needs analysis

- Researching teaching sources on the Internet

- Assessment of  elearning and multimedia based teaching materials

- Comparative analysis

- Learning Communities

- Social media

- Mobile learning

Practical Activities on  the implementation and use of social media and learning communities


Module 3) Using innovative multimedia and e-learning based sources in classroom based teaching

- Structure and main characteristics of the blended learning model

- Elements for planning  blended learning based courses

- Using new technologies in classroom based courses

- Integrating e-learning and multimedia based material in frontal  lessons

Practical Activities on  video editing and sound management including analysis and use of relevant software


Module 4) Using innovative multimedia and e-learning based sources for online teaching

- Blended learning and e-learning

- Temporal dimension in e-learning and multimedia based environments

- Using e-learning and multimedia based sources for online learning

- Assessment and evaluation of competences in the framework of e-learning based approaches

Practical Activities on virtual reality applications including analysis and use of relevant software


Module 5) Creation of e-learning and multimedia based teaching sources

- Structure of an e-learning platform for teaching and learning

- Designing the course

- Software for the production of e-learning and multimedia based contents

- Creating e-learning and multimedia based contents for education (text, images, videos, sounds, animation, authoring etc.)

- Choice and implementation of the interface

- Hypertext and multimedia for the creation of teaching contents

- Personalization of the educational pathway

- Psychological, relational and representational competences

Practical Activities on using and implementing materials on Moodle


Module 6) Practical activity for the development of  e-learning and multimedia based teaching sources

- Project work carried out in groups with the support of the tutor. Every work group will produce an e-learning and multimedia based module.

- Assessment and final evaluation


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